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International Air Transportation Air-Forwarding Services!

Updated: Jun 20

Get Instant Airline Cargo Shipping Rates Per Kg with AWB and Terminal Transfer Charges Included. International Air Transportation Shipping Rates Instantly Produced Online.

Showcase on International Air Transportation Services

Our comprehensive international air transportation services streamline the process by connecting shippers, freight forwarders, and airlines. Learn more about our services here.

Key Air-Forwarding Airports

Some HUB airports are more robust than others regarding destination scope due to the nature of all-cargo aircraft fleet routing operations. JFK, MIA, HOU, DFW, LAX, ATL, and ORD are among the strongest, offering extensive destination points. These airports are crucial nodes in our network, ensuring reliable and timely deliveries to various international destinations.

Integrated Feeder Truck Service

One of the standout features of our system is the integration of all exit airports with a feeder truck service. This ensures that even if your nearest central hub isn't one of the strongest in destination scope, you can still benefit from our efficient routing and competitive rates. Our feeder trucks ensure seamless connectivity and smooth transitions between different legs of your cargo's journey.

IAT International Air Transportation ACE Airline Cargo Exchange

This summer, take advantage of our new international air transportation rates and comprehensive services to ensure your cargo reaches its destination swiftly and efficiently. With vital hub airports, integrated feeder truck services, and a commitment to excellence, Freight Calculator is your go-to solution for international air shipping.

Explore our new rates and services today and experience the Freight Calculator difference!

International Air Transportation IAC
International Air Transportation


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